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Thank you for your interest in supporting Honduras AMIGA. Every donation is appreciated. Please select your Level of Giving or specify your donation amount. To pay over three years check the box and choose your payment frequency. If not checked the entire donation will be processed today.

Alternatively you could mail a donation to AMIGA P.O. Box 220833 St. Louis, MO 63122

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Capital Campaign
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Brigade ($55/day)
Fundraiser Table
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Golf Tournament ($125/person)

Level Total Pledge Annually Quarterly Monthly
Amiga Platinum $5,000 $1,667 $556 $139
Amiga Gold 2,500 833 208 69.50
Amiga Silver 1,500 500 125 42
Bronze 1,000 333 83.25 27.75
Diamond 750 250 63 21
Ruby 500 167 42 14
Sapphire 250 83 21 7

Didn’t like any of the levels? You can put in your own amount below. Please put in the total amount you would like to donate over the three years. Ex: 10/month = 360 in the box below.

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You will be charged the value in the “Other” level today to be applied to the Capital Campaign.