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Natalie Sinak Video

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Board Members

Why do I do what I do? Helen As I reflect on ten years of service to AMIGA, and 28 trips to Honduras, I ask myself this question. The answer is quite simple. It starts with answering a call, under

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Student Scholarships 2015

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May 2015 Shipment

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May Update

Waiting for a shipment and preparing for the brigade in June. [Not a valid template]

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Gearing up for Brigades 2015

GEARING UP FOR 2015 BRIGADES! Getting ready in St. Louis and in Texas for our AMIGA shipment to Honduras – lots of packing , organizing , vitamin collections, many wonderful bags for each patient (to receive with his/her vitamins and

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St. Louis Post Dispatch Article

Recently AMIGA was featured in a Saint Louis Post Dispatch article! To read the article click here.

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Sometimes the Family Doctor – Margarita – El Carmen

As we travel to the heights of Modelo Mountain, we pass through the village of El Carmen. At that altitude we see the first stands of coffee bushes. Locals say the best coffee is grown still higher where the climate

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The Patrick Project (Helping Babies Breathe)

In early 2013 a group of neonatal and pediatric professionals formed a group they call the Patrick Project. These doctors and nurses are repeat volunteers on AMIGA medical missions. They, however, wanted to not only be part of the AMIGA

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Hope for David – Nuevo San Juan

In 2010 the AMIGA ministry shipped PETs to Honduras for the first time. A PET (Personal Energy Transport) is an all-terrain three wheeled alternative to a traditional wheelchair. Our first placement occurred on November 8, 2010. The recipient was a

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