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Images from October 2016 Brigade

A special thank you to Joyce and Lillian for providing the pictures.

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All pictures taken by Dr. Megan Kwasniak –

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Sr. Raquel’s June 2015 Reflection

Dear friends in AMIGA, I am sending this greeting to you — from your dear Sister (Never forget…. “WE LOVE YOU SISTER”). The memories of your commitment to our brigade this past June brings to me a smile with thankfulness.

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Dr. Helen’s June 2015 Reflection

After some much needed time with my family who so beautifully support me – and permit me to be me, I want to take some time to reflect, with profound gratitude, on our most recent AMIGA trip to Honduras. On

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Week 1 OLPH group

All of the clothes were very very well received with profound gratitude. OLPH group was awesome. Really great work, a great team. and awesome reflections.

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This past June, Señor Ramon returned for his third visit to an AMIGA brigade in Honduras. He came, as he always does, dressed very well – muy guapo – inside and out. He is a gentle, kind, respectful and graceful

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Second Week Image Gallery


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St. Louis Post Dispatch Article

Recently AMIGA was featured in a Saint Louis Post Dispatch article! To read the article click here.

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March 2014 Photobook

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March 2014 Brigade

In March of 2014 a group of 28 unloaded our AMIGA shipment, distributed clothes, shoes, school supplies, wheelchairs, PETs, medical equipment, fire hoses, EMS equipment for the Red Cross, and so much more! We saw over 2500 patients and each

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